Nomad: a member of a community of people who live in different locations, moving from one place to another.

After graduating and working in a dental clinic for about two years, Lexi finally decided to take a break in order to pursue her dream: writing. Her tastes were always divergent, which explained why she had to reroute every now and then, and this time she chose literature as her escapade. Leaving her old life behind, she started a new chapter in a new destination: Seoul, South Korea.

PROLOGUE: Once upon a dream

CHAPTER I: A fresh start

CHAPTER II: The heart of Seoul

CHAPTER III: Beautiful coincidences

CHAPTER IV: Love and heartache

CHAPTER V: Where it all started

CHAPTER VI: Life decisions

CHAPTER VII: Que sera, sera

CHAPTER VIII: The interview

CHAPTER IX: A bright new day

CHAPTER X: Embracing life

CHAPTER XI: Sweet Tooth

CHAPTER XII: Visionary

CHAPTER XIII: Inner Monster


CHAPTER XV: Reflection

CHAPTER XVI: Baby steps

CHAPTER XVII: A twisted tale

CHAPTER XVIII: Conflict of interest

CHAPTER XIX: Fated to love you

CHAPTER XX: Lost in translation

CHAPTER XXI: Separate ways

CHAPTER XXII: Summer vibes

CHAPTER XXIII: Confessions

CHAPTER XXIV: Love reunion

CHAPTER XXV: The ultimate gift

EPILOGUE: Crossing paths