Biased: the act of showing partiality, prejudice, predilection.

I am biased. You are biased. It’s useless to deny it.

I have always wanted to address this issue that controls Kpop: favoritism. Because you’re part of a fandom, you think that you’re part of THE fandom and every other fandom is irrelevant. I am not throwing shade, I am acknowledging it: I’ve been there.

However, all of these fanwars piling up, the antis’ active viciousness and the conflicts regarding every record, award or achievement got me thinking, for quite a while. Yet, I didn’t want to address it until I really felt that I can be objective about it.

Which brings me to this article that was supposedly planned to be written after I introduce my current faves on my blog, but sometimes you simply have to seize the moment. I can’t speak freely without actually mentioning group names, therefore I apologize in advance for every misunderstood wording that may come out in the future statement.

YG. JYP. SM. BIGHIT. Three big companies and a rising fourth.

BIGBANG. TWICE. EXO. BTS. The groups are exquisite.

VIP. ONCE. EXOL. ARMY. The fandoms are … something else.

Everybody knows how the industry works, how the three big companies came to be and how a fourth one is in the making. Don’t be salty, it’s a company, it feeds and grows.

I started as a VIP, therefore BIGBANG meant everything to me. They invented the Kpop scene with their implication in making their own music. When I first heard about BTS, I was envious of their perfect choreographies while singing live (another trait that BIGBANG is known for, live performances of a lifetime I tell you), and I couldn’t accept another group going in the footsteps of my faves, I almost became an anti.

That’s when I was provided with a series of videos showing that BTS are BIGBANG’s biggest fanboys. For them, OT5 were their mentors and role models and they looked up to them from their youngest age. BIGBANG made me fall for BTS.

Rap being my favorite genre and knowing Rap Monster way before I knew BTS, I gave the group a chance. I got in and vowed to stay. Since I was a latecomer as a VIP, I never felt like I really fit in no matter how many variety I watched or how many facts I read … their music was my sole source of comfort and the thread that’s keeping me true to my VIP feels. Then again, BTS were fresh out of the oven and although I was surprised by the amount of music and mindblowing concepts they released in less than four years, I felt that I could finally redeem myself as a fangirl and feel worthy of being part of a fandom, that is ARMY.

And that’s where it all started. Being an ARMY, I found myself in many controversial situations: as BTS started growing and achieving numerous accomplishments, other fandoms made sure to respond with hate, accusations, insults and even demeaning projects. ARMY was known for the longest time as the apologetic fandom, until they were no more. That’s when immature fans from both sides started stooping to the lowest levels, which only fueled the fanwars.

The first fanwar happened to be with EXOLs. It was mainly about sales records, year-end ceremonies and award wins, and it was really disturbing. At some point, I found myself disliking Exo because of their fandom. One person, one fan made me reconsider my choices, my thoughts, my opinions. One mature EXOL beat all of the nasty immature ones that made me belittle the group. I am not proud of being a hater at some point, but I am not going to deny it to favor my statement, because acknowledging my situation was what got me writing all of this in the first place. Despite everything, I know and like a lot of their hit songs and my fave is Kai.

The second fanwar initiated with ONCEs. Well you can’t beat a cute concept and a catchy chorus, can you now ? Therefore, TWICE won many music show awards that could’ve been BTS’s but it didn’t happen. I was bitter about it and couldn’t get my head around the fact that when comparing both music styles, they are not on the same level; and that was the first problem that caused fanwars. In general, the common public does not care about how the music was made but rather how it was delivered: I’m talking about the final product. As an ARMY I always felt triggered with this kind of songs because I couldn’t accept that people would choose a manufactured concept over a self-built one. Again, I was wrong. I have nothing to say in TWICE’s favor because I simply don’t like cute concepts. Still, Jeongyeon appeals to me for some reason and I do sing some of their tunes from time to time, you do too.

Nevertheless, because all of this wasn’t enough, I recently came across what I describe as the most heinous content I have ever laid eyes upon: a BIGBANG fan account bashing BTS for no absolute reason other than pure hate and vendetta towards some immature ARMY, but no wait, they dragged EXO and TWICE to validate their points. That’s when I decided that I am not going to put up with this anymore.

My little knowledge as a VIP tells me that VIP and EXOLs were in endless fanwars, but when BTS rose to fame, all fingers pointed back at them and ARMY being their delulu fandom. TWICE’s involvement was mostly a Cherry on top of the hate cake because they are aware of their domination of music show wins with their songs. Butthurt, much ? And because BTS and ARMY cannot have one peaceful day, yesterday BIGHIT’s official website was hacked and Twice’s recent MV was uploaded there, ARMY laughed it off. Today, BTS were falsely accused of plagiarizing BIGBANG’s Top’s special concert stage for “Act like nothing’s wrong”, and they were asked to apologize for the offense. While I stay conflicted between my two faves, I still cannot accept the plagiarism accusation simply because the static was present in BTS’ MVs since 2013, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

I don’t know how to end this post because I feel that I haven’t completely conveyed the message I originally had in mind. In brief, no matter what fandom you’re from, stick to it, don’t mind the immature fans and antis and don’t attack other fandoms for the sake of your faves. Personally, I am quitting this whole drama and concentrating solely on the music. Congratulations to whomever wins, sorry about whomever plagiarizes, and thank you for whomever hates, because if it doesn’t start fueds, it creates Cyphers.

And yes, I am an ARMY at heart.