First, you were a Crush; but I couldn’t stop myself from Falling in love with your music.
You were the Fire in my heart, you made me Happy, so I said to myself it’s Gotta be you.
Then, one day and out of the blue, I found out that you did Go away. Do you know how much It hurts ? Do you know how Ugly I felt ? I kept fighting the Lonely feeling, Missing you all the way. But now I don’t care anymore, Can’t nobody make me love a girl group again the way I love you … I am still waiting for you to Come back home.


I thought you were back, I thought 2ne1 was back
For 20 minutes, all I saw was pitch black
I’m a latecomer, thought the party was over
Then MAMA gave me hope, thought I had the luck of a clover
A four-leaved clover, turned three with one’s departure
But 2ne1 still fits, 2 n’ 1 was my closure

Then an american debut made us patient enough
More interactions with Darabit showing support and love
And then slowly but surely, you came back
Every tweet, every post retrieved every hope I lacked
Soon enough, I started anticipating, waiting,
A happy ending needs few plot twists in the making

But a happy ending, it sadly was not
I woke up to this shocking news, in my stomach I felt a knot
And I’m still feeling it, denying it but it’s there
And everytime I think about you, it will remain there
Don’t worry we’re okay,  Blackjacks are used to the pain
We’ll stay strong for you and wait for a sunny day

B to the C to the D, 역시 Queens
Be well and thank you for the memories.


Goodbyes are like a band-aid.

We think they heal deep cuts
But they only cover the wounded spot
Underneath, the scars remain
Underneath, lies the pain

The sorrow and I are one
The ache cannot be undone
The words seem harder to find
Only memories are left to rewind

This isn’t goodbye, it’s only farewell
Be it together or apart, always be well
B to the C to the D, you remain 2NE1
You’re Blackjacks’ pride and we’ll forever be one

One last call, don’t go
Don’t forget your fandom, no
We trust that you did nothing wrong
Until we hear from you again, 놀자 and 안녕.