Once upon a time, on a summery day
A rising BigHit boy group blew my mind away
Seven members by the name of BangTan Sonyeondan
I love them all equally yet stan only one 

Uri leader, Namjoon whom I call Ramonie
He can be badass, sexy but also cute and funny

Then my boy Taehyung, dat vitamin V
His smile is hypnotizing and I bet that you agree 

I also got a sweet tooth for Yoongi, my daily sugar dose
His gaze gives me goosebumps, a shaky overdose

Shoutout to Hoseok, my bundle of hope
One glance when he dances shows how his moves are dope

Where my Seokjin at, that precious Genie in a bottle
One minute he’s a foodie, the next one he’s a model

And then you got Jimin, my precious gem
His stage presence is a killer, his aura is a mayhem

Leaving the maknae for last, Jungkook, that sweetest Kupcake
Once a cute bunny, now a fine man, he’s giving me a heartache.