You make me feel like an adult child,
At times I’m tamed and at others I turn wild
Do you realize what your aura does to me?
Your Voice, your existence bewitches me entirely
Your words Awaken the dormant thinker within me
You make me appreciate Life wholeheartedly
Something about you eases my deepest worries
When you smile, an adrenaline Rush gets me going
I don’t recognize myself anymore, is this a Joke ?
I’m supposedly taken yet I’m having a second love stroke
I wish I could be your Favorite Girl, for it I wish I could take your word
As you Promise Me The love of an eternity, it would be US against the world
I wish I could Converse with you daily, get High on your Reflections
After every talk, we’ll enjoy an interlude, a Monterlude of emotions
I’m dreaming Too Much, aren’t I ? allowing myself to Cypher my affection like this
You’re the Ruff around my neck, this feels Fantastic, an eternal bliss
I Believe that your Monster is soothing mine,
It’s healing my heart, soul and mind
This feeling is genuine, Please Don’t Die
While Unpacking my fangirling Bags through these lines
I felt Bucku Bucku writing these rhymes
Where U At Ramonie ? I am yours, Always.