Say, where do I begin ?
3 new records in less than a week
Not acknowledging their milestone would be a sin

Where is the lie though ?
Where is your project? Who are your faves?
Mine are right here, killing me slowly, don’t mind if they do

Your hate is a vicious illness, a stigma
They’re topping the charts, tearing your delusional hopes apart
Bulletproof royalty, reinventing art
I wish I could spell it for you, but I rather see you get lost in the enigma

Don’t you get it ? Music is their first love
You should learn to love too, your heart really needs it
They breathe it, feel it, never conceal it
Their tunes are divine, sent indeed from above

Every written song is a form of reflection
Their inner thoughts, their feelings, their expectations
The growth, the confusion, the sweet temptation
If you ask me, the album’s a new faith delivered in a lection

I’m not done here, can you handle their heat? Because I cried MAMA
Their new concept slayed me to the core
Wrecked my heart, mind and soul
Take a minute to enjoy this. If not, spare me the drama

The lyrics sent chills down my spine, kept me awake
It’s almost 2 AM, but I cannot rest my mind
My feelings are tangled, have mercy, be kind
This is real music no doubt, how about yours, doesn’t it feel fake?

BTS, Thank you for the blood, sweat and tears
Whenever I feel Lost, I will keep your music near
From the soothing ballads to the savage cyphers
Am I wrong to feel alive, mesmerized, hyper?
I’m a 21st century girl enjoying a musical godsend
I will spread my wings and fly high with the wind
Two, three, to many more good days

ARMY meets BTS.