August 18th, a dragon was born
Flame so hot, a flowerboy with thorns
A rising star since before he was ten
At age 18, Kwon Ji Yong left his den

Along with BIGBANG, K-pop turned royal
VIPs around the world instantly became loyal
Back to our heartbreaker, a king without a crown
Who needs an accessory when the crown is the crowd

A fashion icon whose throne is the world
A composer, a producer, can’t describe him in one word
A rapper, a singer-songwriter, his talent is a ravage
The way he writes lyrics, pure art : what a savage !

29 years later, he’s still slaying hard
He’s all over the place, you can’t even count his awards
G to the D, he’s driving me out of my mind
Indeed G-Dragon, you’re one of a kind.