Myeongdong [명동]: one of Seoul’s main shopping districts and foreigners’ personal haven.

As one of Seoul’s main districts, visiting Myeongdong is a must. Poetically, not only did this area mark my first and last stop in Seoul, but it also held a lot of memorable events that happened in-between.

Today, I’m going to share with you a snippet of Myeongdong’s charm.

Shopping Craze

Granted, one does not go to Myeongdong without shopping … a lot. Whatever you are looking for (or not), you can find it there. Its streets basically contain a range of cosmetics and clothing brands, as well as a large number of street vendors. You can also find retail shops which harmoniously fit in with the other stores, and hopefully with your taste too.

Culinary Spree

Forget about the usual restaurants and coffee shops. If you’re in Myeongdong, you might want to make the most of its street food, and I mean A LOT of it. You don’t even need a bucket list to tick off all the tasty appetizers you’re supposed to try, because food carts are literally everywhere. Just make sure you don’t upset your stomach!

Hallyu vibes

Yes, Myeongdong wouldn’t be Myeongdong without its Hallyu outlets. The two main Hallyu-related goodies you can find are:

  1. K-pop Merchandise: while there are many Hallyu shops throughout Myeongdong, I advise you to go to the ones located in Myeongdong station’s underground shopping center, since they have the best selection of official goods with amazingly affordable prices.
  2. K-Star Avenue: If you want to have a brief virtual interaction with your favorite Hallyu stars, you are in the right place! From idols to actors, this little arena has almost all of the current hot trends in Korea. Still, it would be lovely to find a new addition of handprints in the future.


As a touristic spot, Myeongdong surely hosts a few historical sites. The most significant ones are Myeongdong Cathedral and the Myeongdong Nanta Theatre.

That’s all for today! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more Hallyu gems. Until I see you next time, thank you for reading me.