Hongdae [홍대]: the land of youth and parties, known for its urban arts and indie music culture.

The day I visited this part of Seoul was a very special day: the birthday of Daniel Armand Lee, also known as Tablo.

I chose that specific date because I was hoping to deliver my fanmail … in person. Granted, I didn’t think my plan through back then since I realized that nobody spends their birthday at work, unless they really have to.

The district is an emblem of art in all its shapes, but music dominates overall. This being said, you will find Karaoke rooms left and right as you’re walking around the neighborhood.

Today, I’m going to share with you a snippet of Hongdae’s charm.

Hongdae Street

Situated around Hongik university, Hongdae street is one of the busiest spots in Seoul, especially during nights and weekends. Many performances come to life in this area, from dance routines to cover songs, and it is mostly known as the birthplace of indie bands.

A word of advice: make sure your clothes are not easily tampered with, because the streets get so crowded you can barely walk past them and still stay properly dressed.


Hongdae Shopping Area

As one of the main shopping areas, you can have your fair share of decent shopping in Hongdae. All sorts of accessories, fashion items, stationery, and plushies can be found everywhere. Furthermore, clothing retail shops offer a wide variety of choice, with streetwear being a dominant fashion style.

Themed Cafés

You already know by now that themed cafés are widely spread in Seoul, and Hongdae is no exception. Aside from the party theme that crowns the area, Cafés are basically everywhere. Once you finish touring the area, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee before heading home.


Finding this little place was quite challenging. I was expecting at least a sign to indicate its whereabouts, but if it weren’t for Naver, we would have never come across it.

The company is on the fourth floor of a building that is located in a narrow alley, and the surroundings were so calm, it was kind of … odd. Unlike the article’s misleading title, I didn’t go past the building’s elevator because I didn’t want to trespass. I guess that makes me a fangirl with morals, luckily for my faves.

That’s all for today! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more Hallyu gems. Until I see you next time, thank you for reading me.