KGSP: a Korean academic scholarship, funded and managed by NIIED.

After my graduation, I was lost between the endless internships and the fear of being held against my will in a major I did not fully embrace.

To add some color to this dark canvas, I decided to find ways to make my field more enjoyable, so I applied for KGSP 2017. Although I didn’t make it, it was a pleasant experience and I got to know what I was ultimately capable of.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to apply for KGSP 2018.

Introducing KGSP

Short for the Korean Government Scholarship Program, KGSP is a once in a lifetime opportunity that offers an academic scholarship funded and managed by the National Institute for International Education Development, more commonly known as NIIED, which happens to be a branch of the Ministry of Education in South Korea.

This scholarship allows international students around the world to apply for a chance in a higher education as undergraduate and/or graduate students, depending on their country of origin.

Both tuition and living fees are fully funded, thus allowing the selected applicants to pursue their academic careers under the best possible conditions.

Application Process

If you’re Moroccan, visit the Korean Embassy‘s website based in Morocco, and carefully follow the guidelines as instructed on the page to apply for KGSP 2018.

If you’re not from Morocco, visit the Korean Embassy’s website based in your OWN country.

To apply for KGSP, you can either choose the embassy track or the university track. The difference between the two options is that, while the embassy track enables you to pick three universities, the university track only lets you pick one university.

To learn more, visit the Study in Korea and NIIED websites. The hyperlinks will directly take you to the relevant KGSP section.


Paperwork is similar in both university and embassy tracks; the only exception is that the embassy will take care of the submission to the universities of your choice, while the university track requires that you send the paperwork yourself.

Also, only graduate students are allowed to apply for KGSP in Morocco. If you’re an undergraduate student or you’re about to graduate high school by the end of this year, applying via university track is your only bet.

To make it easier for you, here is the paperwork you will need to provide in order to successfully apply for KGSP 2018:

  1. Application form (Mandatory)
  2. Letter of self-introduction (Mandatory)
  3. Statement of purpose (Mandatory)
  4. 2 Letters of recommendation (Mandatory)
  5. KGSP applicant pledge (Mandatory)
  6. Personal medical assessment (Mandatory)
  7. Degree – High School degree, Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorate (Mandatory)
  8. School transcripts (Mandatory)
  9. Applicant’s proof of citizenship (Mandatory)
  10. Parents’ proof of citizenship (Mandatory)
  11. English proficiency test score (Optional)
  12. Korean proficiency test score (Optional)
  13. Any other degree, certificate, published paper, or award (Optional)
  14. Essay about your experience with Korea (Extra)

The underlined paperwork is entirely up to you:

  1. As you’re filling the forms provided by KGSP, be honest and self-confident in your answers.
  2. Submit any paper that could boost your application, no matter how minor it seems.
  3. The extra essay is solely requested by the embassy in order to grant you a plus during the pre-selection.

The paperwork in bold is up to your community:

  1. Every non-English document should be translated into English by a certified translator (acknowledged by court) and apostilled by the authority in charge.
  2. You don’t need to translate the proof of citizenship if you and your parents have valid passports.

The paperwork in italic depends on:

  1. The professors whom you’d ask for a letter of recommendation.
  2. Your English level, which should be no less than 5,5 for an IELTS score (preferred to TOEFL).
  3. Your Korean level, which would definitely help with your application, even if it’s a level I.

General Tips

  1. If picked during the pre-selection, you will be called for an interview at the embassy, so keep your phone near you at all times.
  2. Business majors are the most qualified to be chosen amongst the rest.
  3. To prepare for the interview, download this FAQ file.
  4. To learn more, make sure to watch Twinsie‘s video above, where she explains in detail all the ambiguous questions that students often have regarding KGSP.

That’s all for today! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more Hallyu gems. Until I see you next time, thank you for reading me.