Chong! Jojun! Balsa! [총! 조준! 발사!]: Hopefully how you feel every time you read a Bangtan shot.


An anthology series featuring a cocktail of scenarios, which may or may not happen to a crush, a partner, a spouse, or a parent.


Flut: a mix of hardcore fluff and softcore smut.

Characters per Episode

Elle: a figurative character representing every female ARMY: me, you, and her.

Namjoon: not your regular aspiring writer.

Jin: a worldwide handsome in an apron.

Yoongi: a mischievous misfit to the rescue.

Hoseok: a soulful dancer with a twist.

Jimin: a thoughtful partner in distress.

Taehyung: a caring husband with a tale.

Jungkook: a playful boyfriend on a gloomy day.

To avoid confusion, Elle is a representative female persona that changes to fit the role in every episode accordingly.


Episode 1: Writer’s Block [Namjoon]

Episode 2: Breakfast in Bed [Jin]

Episode 3: Mayday [Yoongi]

Episode 4: Private Lessons [Hoseok]

Episode 5: Periods and Commas [Jimin]

Episode 6: Daddy’s Home [Taehyung]

Episode 7: Rainism [Jungkook]


Thank you for reading me, always.