Delilah: a Hebrew name meaning “[she who] weakened.”


Going on a date was the last thing on her mind. Going on seven dates would never have crossed her mind to begin with.

They say that perfect strangers make the best partners. Will she be able to find her Mister right?

Based on a true story.




Lilah: a frail tourist with a sense of adventure.

Namjoon: a thinker with a keen eye for art.

Seokjin: a lighthearted man with exquisite taste.

Yoongi: a smoking hot mess with tendency of delinquency.

Hoseok: a dynamic spirit with admiration for life.

Jimin: a kind soul with a clumsy aura.

Taehyung: a pensive guy with overwhelming passion.

Jungkook:  a teasing fella with a good heart.


Prologue : Once in a lifetime

(1) Perfect Stranger(s)

(2) The feisty one

(3) The dreamy one

(4) The thoughtful one

(5) The lively one

(6) The intimidating one

(7) The playful one

(8) The intellectual one

(9) The final call

Epilogue: Happenstance


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