Once upon a Hallyu

To Bangtan, with love.

BTS [방탄소년단]: seven bright boys who gave K-pop a whole new meaning throughout their inspirational music.

A hasty day in Busan.

Busan [부산]: the second most-populous city after Seoul, and also the economic, cultural and educational center of southeastern Korea.

A chill day in Dongdaemun & Namdaemun.

Dongdaemun [동대문] and Namdaemun [남대문]: two of the four great gates of Seoul, also known as the rising benevolence gate and the exalted ceremonies gate, respectively.

The day I met Tablo.

Tablo [타블로]: Daniel Armand Lee, one of the earliest and absolute best Korean hip hop artists in the music industry.

Finding BigHit.

Big Hit Entertainment [빅히트엔터테인먼트]: the home of BTS and Homme, founded by Bang Si-Hyuk in 2005.

An exploratory day in Hongdae.

Hongdae [홍대]: the land of youth and parties, known for its urban arts and indie music culture.

Shopping in Korea.

Shopping [쇼핑]: an unofficial practiced form of meditation in Korea.

Leisure in Korea.

Noraebang [노래방]: Karaoke like you have never seen it before.

A stroll in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong [명동]: one of Seoul's main shopping districts and foreigners' personal haven.

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